Friday, May 15, 2009

Having trouble getting baby to go?

What about those times when your baby just won't go, even though you know she needs to go? The key to fixing this problem, more than likely, has to do with your attitude. Babies are extremely sensitive to our emotions, and if you're stressed, your baby is stressed, and won't be able to relax and go. So many times I have found that if I just smile at my baby, my tension is released and she will go. Another thing to try is to speak encouragingly to your baby, saying things like "that's it", even before they're going. If you do find yourself getting frustrated with IPT, the best thing to do is RELAX. I had trouble with this one with my first baby, as I would sometimes get upset with myself when we had a "missy" day. But with my second baby, I have just made myself relax. When I'm relaxed, I stop missing her cues.

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  1. This is so true! Staying relaxed can make all the difference.