Saturday, June 6, 2009


You might be wondering if this consumes every waking moment of a mom's life. The answer in short is, no. It does take some time and commitment, but I look at it as an investment. You put in a good bit of effort up front, but as your baby grows, they become more independent, and it saves you time. The way I look at it is, whether you do IPT or not, you are training your baby. If you do IPT, you're training them to poop and pee on the potty, if not, you're training them to poop and pee in their diaper. And trying to retrain a baby after the habit has been ingrained for two, three, even four years can be quite a challenge, or so I've read.

When your baby is really young (0-6 months), you'll probably be taking them potty very frequently. You can look at these visits in one of two ways: as a chore, or as a opportunity to spend some quality time with your baby. Going to the potty can be a fun thing. If you find yourself resenting the frequency of it, by all means, make a change. Sometimes you can change your attitude. But, if you feel yourself getting burned out, change the frequency you're taking your baby to the potty. Never start to resent your baby for any reason, including IPT.

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