Thursday, June 11, 2009

Infant Potty Training...At night???

Should you try to practice infant potty training at night? Our first baby was very "high need." In the first few months of his life, we had lots of trouble getting him to go to sleep at night. We had decided right off the bat to put him in a diaper and try to get as much sleep as we could. Until he was three months old or so, he was extremely fussy at night. In hindsight, I wonder if maybe he just needed a potty break. It's impossible to say. But with second baby, we've been pretty consistently practicing IPT at night. I find that I sleep better and so does she when I take her to the potty when she starts to stir. We co-sleep, so it's easy to know the minute she starts to wake up. If I take her to the potty at night, many times she falls right back to sleep without even nursing. It takes some discipline, and if I'm currently sleep-deprived I will give myself a break.

If you're nervous about taking your baby to the potty at night for fear she may wake up and not go back to sleep, then feel free to not do IPT at night. However, I'd encourage you to try it for a few nights. You may find that you and your baby get better rest. You can also encourage your baby not to wake fully by keeping the lights low and whispering your cues to her.

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