Saturday, June 20, 2009

Product Review: Sweet Doll Baby AIO

Given that with IPT you'll have very few big misses, when choosing a cloth diaper, I'm more worried about comfort and durability than I am about "leakproofness" or keeping the baby feeling dry. In fact, I prefer it if the baby does feel the wetness, as discussed in my post about awareness.

I ordered my two Sweet Doll Baby AIOs from Ebay. I got factory seconds because I am a cheapskate. The directions said cold wash only and line dry only, neither of which I followed, rebel that I am. The PUL (polyurethane liner) did come away from the outer nylon cover, but it's still attached and thus waterproof. If I would've followed the care instructions, I'm sure this wouldn't have happened.

I was a little disappointed in the flaws, simply because the description on Ebay made them sound a lot smaller than they actually were. (They stated diapers were deemed to be seconds for a small a flaw as having a spot of dust on them). In reality, the Velcro really doesn't work well on one of my diapers, and on the other diaper, the snaps which adjust the rise didn't work at all. I tried using these in the very early weeks at night, and we had a lot of leaks. At that point I was still in that "I just had a baby and I need every second of sleep I can get" mode, and I slept through the times when my girl would wake up to pee.

However, now that my daughter has very few misses in general, and when it happens it's a small amount of pee or poo, these diapers are nice, for a couple of reasons. One, the fleece lining on the inside is really very soft, even after many many washings; it's much softer than the Haute Pockets and Baby Kangas I have. The second thing is that the legs and waist fit snugly, yet don't cut into her. Overall they seem more comfy than some of the higher priced ones we have. The diaper feels wet when it's wet, which is what I am looking for in a diaper, but many who don't do IPT would probably think of that as a bad thing. I bought mine for about $7 each including shipping. For a traditional cloth diapering setup, I wouldn't recommend these, but for IPT, they'll do just fine.

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