Wednesday, June 24, 2009


When you are trying to decide whether or not to potty train your baby, you might wonder how quickly your baby will progress. You might wonder if it's worth it. Now, I can sit here and tell you that every baby is different, that every parent is different, that it depends on the temperament, etc. I know that you'd rather hear what results we've had, and how quickly we've had them. So while those other things do matter, I'll let you know what kind of success we've had with our babies.

We started infant potty training with our firstborn when he was a few days old. From that first day forward, we used considerably fewer diapers over the course of a day. Whereas a non-IPTed baby will soil or wet 12 diapers a day, we were maybe using half that many. By the time he was a few weeks old, most all his poop was going into the potty, I'd say around 85%. Pees were a bit more challenging, but in hindsight I think this had more to do with keeping him in disposables, where a connection can be lost between peeing and wet feeling, due to the super absorbency. Also, we didn't IPT at night until later in his first year. By the time he was 6 months, we were using disposable trainers and occasionally Gerber Training Pants.

At one year we were into regular underwear at home, and in disposable trainers if out of the house. It's difficult to say when he was completely potty trained, because that depends on your definition. By 18 months, he was going to the potty, wore underwear all the time, and had very few accidents. All throughout our IPT journey with him, I was working very gradually on getting him into underwear. It was a comfort level thing for me. At first I needed disposable diapers, then disposable trainers, then cloth trainers, then undies. It was a baby stepping process for me, and that helped me to not stress out over misses.

Looking back, I wish I would've done cloth diapering full time with my first. (More on that topic in this post.) With our second baby, we started IPT from the time she was a few days old. We've gone from using
  • Disposables while I was recovering from the birth process (about two weeks) to
  • Cloth diapers full time (two weeks to 3 months) to
  • Currently (3 months) we're using Gerber training pants when at home, cloth pocket diapers when out, and having very few misses
How many is very few? Well, yesterday she peed a little bit in a cloth diaper, and I realized that it hadn't happened in a while. I don't keep records of how many times she goes in a day, or how many wet or soiled diapers we have, just like I don't keep track of how often she nurses. But I will guess that she might have one wet diaper every few days maybe. And poop in a diaper is a rarity (one every two weeks), even wet poots are becoming thing of the past.

Keep in mind that I'm a stay at home mom, doing IPT full time. I've had faster progress with my second baby, probably because my confidence level is higher, she's more laid back, and we've got her in cloth all the time. Every baby is different, but I'm willing to bet you'll be surprised at how quickly your baby catches on!

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  1. That stay at home thing is an important issue in the success of this training, I am sure. I am sure there are a lot of people doing this, but among most, you are a pioneer of sorts. To persuade others of the benefits is probably hard because we all want to take what seems like the easy and familiar way out. But in order for something to become accepted it takes some strong-willed people and inspired people like you. ( I thought you needed a comment, so I gave one.) Carolyn