Saturday, June 20, 2009

Speaking The Lingo

When you enter the world of Infant Potty Training, there are many terms you'll want to become familiar with if you cruise other sites and forums. With that in mind, I've come up with a list that will help you understand what they're talking about.

Infant Potty Training-The process of teaching your young infant to use the potty, instead of using their diaper as a potty. This is the terminology I prefer, because it's a clear description of what I'm doing. Also, the title of Laurie Boucke's excellent book on the subject.

IPT- abbreviation for Infant Potty Training

Elimination Communication-Basically the same as IPT, but with more emphasis on communicating with your baby about her needs. It focuses on the interaction that is taking place, more so than the act of training, if that makes sense. Many who prefer this term don't like the phrase "infant potty training" because for them, training has a negative connotation. We used this term with our firstborn, but it's not as clear of a phrase as "infant potty training." It's really a potato, potato type deal.

EC-Abbreviation for Elimination Communication. You'll also see ECer, ECing, ECed. You get the idea.

Trickle Treat-Laurie Boucke's book describing IPT. Also, Trickle Treat refers to the process of IPT or EC.

Natural Infant Hygiene-Ingrid Bauer's terminology used in her book about the same process as EC or IPT.

NIH-Abbreviation for Natural Infant Hygiene

Diaper Free-A way of practicing IPT where the baby does not wear diapers at all, or at least, rarely. Many times a baby remains bare-bottomed for ease of pottying.

Nakey Butt Time-Self-explanatory phrase; helps a parent gain awareness of the exact moment baby is going, which helps to learn the baby's cues.

Sposies-Disposable diapers

Pottytunities-Pottty opportunities (I can't remember where I first saw this, but I love the word!)

Catch-Refers to when a baby goes in the potty.

Miss-The opposite of catch. (=

AIO-All In One cloth diaper.

Fitteds-Cloth Diapers that are contoured, but not waterproof

Pockets-Cloth Diapers that are contoured and waterproof, and require an absorbent insert.

Split Crotch Pants-A Chinese piece of clothing with a self-descriptive name. Used to make pottying easier.

Cuing-The process of signaling to your baby that it's time to do her business.

Cues-The signals a baby gives a parent telling them it's time to go potty. Also, signals the parent gives the baby to let them know it's time to go potty.

Nappy-British/Australian word for diaper.

Nappy Free-Same as diaper free. Check out this site!

BBLP-The BabyBjörn Little Potty

LO-Little One

DS-Dear Son

DD-Dear Daughter

DH-Dear Husband

NAK-Nursing at keyboard

There are some terms that are obviously not directly related to IPT, but if you are on the boards, you'll find them quite often. This is not a complete list, but if there are any other terms that you wonder about, or if you have one to add, please let me know!


  1. Thank you for this! I've been on a forum trying to figure out DD, DS, DH and been like *HUH*?

  2. Always glad to be of service. (; Message board lingo is like a foreign language sometimes!