Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Word About Awareness

With our second baby, we've decided to go with cloth diapers to help with awareness. In other words, we want her to know when she's peed her diaper. We want her to feel the cause and effect relationship. That's the bad thing about disposables these days: they're so incredibly absorbent, a baby doesn't really feel the consequence of going in her diaper. To take it one step further, many times a parent can't tell when a baby's peed her diaper either, and so a baby doesn't even associate peeing with a diaper change. With IPT, one big goal is keeping your baby aware of when she goes potty, even if it's a miss. It's pretty easy to do this, because with IPT comes a very strong bond and communication, so you'll almost always know right away if you've missed. It very important to change the baby right away, so that a) they don't become accustomed to being in a dirty diaper and b) even if they're in a disposable and don't feel wet, they'll connect "going" with a diaper change.

We used disposables with our firstborn, but we did buy the cheapos since they tend to feel wetter than the premium ones. Misses were so small we didn't have to worry about leakage. We also changed him immediately if he did have a miss, so that he got the cause and effect relationship. He was in regular underwear around the time he was a year old. Our daughter has been in cloth from the time she was a couple of weeks old, and we're already starting to put her in non-waterproof training pants during the day at home. I really believe she's more aware than her brother was at this age because of the difference between cloth and disposables.

I understand that cloth diapering can seem daunting. However, with IPT, you'll probably have very few misses after you've been doing for a little while, which means your laundry load won't be greatly affected. The upfront cost won't be as much as with traditional cloth diapering either, since you won't need as many. I have about 9 pocket diapers, and that's been perfectly sufficient. On days where I've fallen way behind on laundry, I'll just pin a prefold or flat diaper on. On a very rare occasion we'll use a disposable.


  1. Where did you buy the regular underwear for your one year old? I can't find anything that small.

  2. I bought them from Wal-Mart. On a rare occasion you can find size 18 months, but other times all you can find is 2T. I found that my kids did fine in 2T undies, even when they were only a few months old. My kids are usually on the heftier side of the curve, but you can also buy tiny undies (made specifically for babies at: