Friday, August 14, 2009

As the Church Lady Would Say, "Well Isn't That Convenient? "

So, an argument I've heard from people who think you've gotta be nuts to try IPT is that it's much more convenient to just let your baby do her business in her diaper and then clean her up. And why not just wait till she can take herself? Wouldn't that be more convenient? That's the short answer. But since it's always better to "show your work," I'll devote this space to argue my thesis that it is actually much more convenient to do IPT (or EC) with your baby compared to traditional diapering methods.

First, let me point out that convenience does not always equal what's best for your baby. It's definitely more convenient to prop your baby up in front of the TV hour after hour than it is to play with them yourself; that doesn't make it better for your baby. It's easier to formula feed in some aspects, but it's not as good for your baby. It's easier to let your kids run wild than it is to discipline them, but that's not what's best for them...

Now let's move on to how IPT is actually more convenient than traditional methods.

IPT: Your baby poops on the toilet and you flush the mess away. Minimal wiping is needed, and you can do that with a couple of squares of regular TP.

Traditional: Your baby poops in her diaper. You have to change said diaper, using several wipes, and possibly need to change her outfit. Also, the outfit may be permanently stained in cases of blowouts.

IPT: Virtually no supplies are needed after you buy a potty and some cloth diapers. (About 10 should do you.)

Traditional: Week after week you have to spend money and time going to buy diapers, wipes, and butt creams. Think about how much time that takes, and then the somewhat frequent potty visits with IPT might seem a little more appealing.

IPT: No diaper rash, ever, in my experience.

Traditional: Lots of babies get diaper rash, a condition in which the name of the ailment explains the cause of the ailment.

IPT: Since it'll be rare that your baby poops in her diaper, you usually can take her to a public restroom without really needing a changing station.

Traditional: When you're out and about, you have to have somewhere to lay your baby for a poopy diaper change.

Remember, eventually you will have to potty train your child. Whether you do it now when they're an infant, or several years from now, you'll have to put in some time and effort. Why not just do it now?

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