Monday, August 31, 2009

The Poop Miss-tery

So, my daughter is an IPT champ. I mean, we've had much quicker progress with her than her brother. Misses are rare in general, but poop misses are like extremely extremely rare. Except...when my mom holds her. And it's not like every time that my mom holds her she poops, because that's certainly not the case. But in probably 3 of the last 4 poop misses we've had (over a span of a couple of months) it's been the case. And I don't get it. Usually, if she needs to poop, she makes quite the fuss. She practically will try to jump out of your lap and start crying. Even if she's not being held she'll cry out. Normally I'd just chalk this up to me not paying enough attention/tuning my baby out while someone else is holding her. I thought that was the case the first couple of times, but after yesterday, I've decided it's a mystery. I just don't get it. I was sitting there with my mom having a conversation, in a quiet (as quiet as one can be with a three year old present) house. My girl wasn't fussing, but I looked at her just in time to see her doing the "I'm pooping" face. Maybe I wasn't paying attention though I thought I was. Maybe my mom's an ultra calming presence (that's my mom's opinion.)

What's the point? Sometimes there will be times when you miss when there's just no rhyme or reason to it. Don't get frustrated (easier said than done.) Remember all the success, learn from the misses, and then forget them!

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