Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Camping While Potty Training Your Infant

So, we just got back from a nice long weekend at Mt. Pisgah Campgrounds, and we had an awesome time! I was a bit apprehensive about taking a six month old camping, but she was a trooper. I wondered how IPT would go, since our routine would be completely out of whack, and there would be times when she might need to "hold it." We did have more misses than we normally do...about 4 over the course of 3 days. I learned a few things from our camping experience.

1. I re-learned how much I love the Fisher-Price Potty On-the-Go. It is awesome. I use it so much, that really I've come to take it for granted. It was so nice being able to wake up in the night and put our baby on there, rather than having to trek to the camp bathrooms, or go outside at all. (Also, it's a life-saver for when you're traveling down a road with NO bathrooms to stop at and you've really gotta go!)

2. Our daughter enjoys "going" outdoors. Our son (three years old) never could quite relax enough outside to do it, and he still doesn't. Our girl is already a pro, and seems to relax even more than when on a regular toilet or potty. It's easy to do, simply squat down with your baby after taking off their diaper, and hold them in the classic EC position and cue. Don't forget to have something to wipe with though! That's one thing I always forget. Thank God for husbands!

3. I really don't like disposables any more. We used them on this trip for convenience's sake, because we only have about 10 cloth diapers, and we figured we'd have a lot of misses. I was excited in a way, because I always think of disposables as so much easier, but now I think of them as convenient as cloth diapers, but not as sturdy. Really, a cloth pocket diaper with velcro fasteners is just as easy and a million times more durable. Disposables are not necessarily supposed to be durable, since they usually get messed on within a couple of hours with conventional diapering, but they just seem sooo flimsy to me now. I was so happy on the last day when we put her back into a cloth diaper. In hindsight, I wish we'd have kept her in cloth, but we were worried about night leakage...next time I'll just bring bed protection.

So, for all you IPTers out there: don't be scared of travel! Misses will happen, whether you're at home or abroad. Don't think it'll be easier to "take a break" from IPT while you're traveling. We've done that, and we regret it. It's better, if possible, to be as consistent as possible with your baby. Buy a Fisher-Price Potty On-the-Go if you're planning on a road trip, I promise you will not regret it.

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