Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Shot In The Arm, A Pain In The Butt

I have a love/hate relationship with vaccinations. On the love side, they protect my babies from horrible, horrible diseases that have, thanks to immunizing programs, have been eradicated from our country. Thanks to our scientists and doctors, my children will never have to fear polio, Hib meningitis, or whooping cough, to name a few. I am incredibly grateful for all that.

Now, the hate part is, I hate for my babies to hurt. I don't like to hold them down as they scream and cry while someone else causes them pain. It goes completely against every fiber of my maternal being. But in this case, like many aspects of parenthood, the hard thing to do is the best thing to do. I don't like that they feel crummy the next day, due to the vaccine itself and the soreness where the shot was given.

It also causes IPT to go a little wacky. This time my daughter's vaccines coincided with a very "missy" day. (See yesterday's post). That's probably a good thing, since then we'll get our bad IPT days over in one shot. No pun intended. Okay, yes it was intended. Just thought I'd inject some humor into this post. HA! I did it again.

So, be forewarned: on the days when your baby has had a shot, is teething, or is just not feeling well in general, be ready for some misses. Take comfort in knowing it'll pass quickly, and you'll pick right up where you left off before the irritation began. It's not a back to square one type deal, I promise!

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