Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The weather is turning cooler now, and while you and I may love this change in the weather, your baby might not. Especially when it comes to the potty. If your baby usually loves sitting on the potty, but has recently started arching her back and yelling at you for having the nerve to put her on there in the first place, a cold seat could be to blame. (Side note: potty protests are frustrating for both parties involved. It can be a confidence buster for IPT newbies. The best thing to do is to figure out the problem, and nip it in the bud.) We all know how un-fun it is to sit down on a cold toilet seat. Especially at night after you've just dragged yourself out of a nice, warm bed. So, what is the answer?

There are two different ways to think about this, in my opinion. I'll introduce my strategy first, then give you a second option.

Option A: Know that the reason your baby is protesting the potty is because the seat is cold. Be patient, and insist gently that she sit down, when you're sure she needs to go. After a few seconds her body temperature will warm the seat and she'll do her business. Though no one likes a cold seat, she'll eventually stop protesting and will grow accustomed to this unpleasantness. I liken this to the whole wipes warmer debate: eventually your baby will be wiped with cold wipes, so why not just start off that way to begin with?

Option B: Buy a potty turtleneck (a device that covers the outer potty surface and seat), so that your baby's skin doesn't touch the cold plastic. Never having owned a potty turtleneck, I can't say whether they help or not; I look at it as one more thing to have to wash! Alternatively you could rub the potty seat vigorously with your hands to transfer your body heat (if you're not a germaphobe, that is). I've even heard of some supermoms who will take the trouble to run warm water over the potty till it's nice and toasty, dry it off, then place their babies on there. Sure, warming up the potty sounds humane and everything, but just know that eventually, somewhere, someday, your baby will experience the cold toilet seat: it's up to you whether it's sooner or later.

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