Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Keepin' It Short and Sweet

Infant potty training is a bit of a balancing act. You want your baby to stay clean and dry, so you'll take them to the potty often (maybe sometimes a little too often), but you also don't want your entire day consumed with potty visits. You also don't want your baby to hate the potty. So, how do you achieve this balance?

When my husband saw the title of today's blog, he joked that I was letting everybody else but him in on a secret. When he takes our baby she ends up being on there for a while. He doesn't have nearly the experience at this that I do, so he's still honing those IPT skills. When you start taking your baby to the potty in the early days, start cuing her right away. If you dawdle, your baby might get confused about what she's actually supposed to do. If baby doesn't go right away, you can try a few quick tricks (flushing the toilet, or turning on the vent are ones that work for us). If baby doesn't go, then take her off and try again later. You might want to watch her a little more closely until you have a successful potty trip.

If you do have a success, take her off the potty, unless she needs to poop. In general, (at least with my babies), once they pee, they're done. They probably won't pee twice in one sitting. The only time this doesn't hold true for us is the morning pee with our daughter; sometimes she will pee when she first sits down on the potty, then after a few minutes she'll pee again. We keep her on the potty for a few minutes longer in the mornings anyway, because that's when she normally poops. So, know your baby, and work on quick potty trips.

Sometimes I'm not too good at keeping the visits short because I keep a book near the potty and I'll be so interested in what I'm reading that I forget to get her off the potty after she pees. (Right now I'm reading How Did You Do It, Truett by Chick fil A founder Truett Cathy.) Books are nice when your baby is doing a big poop though. It seems to help my girl relax when she knows I'm focused on something else and she can just do her business.

If you have any tips on getting your baby to go quickly, be sure to leave a comment letting the rest of us in on the secret!

This is how we have our potty area set up. Notice the padded seat, the stool for me to sit on, and books! Also pictured are Smith's Bible Dictionary, Arguing with Idiots by Glenn Beck, and Eat Mor Chikin: Inspire More People. Good reading material can be helpful when doing IPT. Just be sure not to get too enthralled with your book, or your baby may end up resenting long potty trips.

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