Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Infant Potty Training At 13 Months

My little girl is now 13 months old, and as I said in a previous post we're working on independence. She has very few misses unless we're not consistent. But she's also been very dependent on us to realize she needs to go and to take her to the potty. But lately she has been better about being clear with her actions, and being more independent. She'll go into the bathroom sometimes when she needs to go, and she'll also whimper and look at the potty if she needs to poop.

For example, she is really good at sitting on her potty that looks like this:

All I need to help her with is undressing, wiping, and dressing when she uses the potty. I am trying to be more disciplined about letting her use her little potty instead of me carrying her to the toilet and letting her sit on her padded toilet seat that looks like this:

Infant potty training is just so much fun. It can be trying at times, but more often than not I'm just so amazed that babies have this ability to be potty trained from day 1, and most Americans are totally unaware of it.

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