Friday, September 3, 2010

Product Review: Eddie Bauer Deluxe High Back Booster Car Seat

After your baby reaches the 22 pound mark, you're faced with yet another purchase: the forward facing car seat. Since our first baby hated the car seat, we decided to splurge and get the Eddie Bauer Deluxe model. We're so glad we did.

First of all, it's comfortable. It has more padding than a lot of the other models, even the pricier ones. Comfort is really important, because unlike adults who can move a good bit while still staying strapped in, a baby is stuck in one position. Padding is really important.

The next great thing is the shoulder pads. It's nice to have that extra comfort for baby, because it's harder for him to really tell you when something is a little uncomfortable, and there's not much he can do to remedy the situation.

Of course, there's the five point harness, and all the other safety goodies that are in every car seat. It's even got a cup holder! Unlike some other seats I've dealt with, the buckles and straps on this one are very easy to use, which is nice considering you spend a large portion of your parental days buckling and unbuckling car seats.

The last great thing about this car seat is that it converts to a nice comfy booster seat for your toddler. It even guides your vehicle's seat belt straps so they're comfortable for your kid. So, if you buy this car seat, you're actually getting two products in one, and your kid's covered from the time he's 22 pounds, up til he's 100 pounds. By that time, he'll be ready for riding sans booster seat.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend this product. Even though you might find some forward facing car seats for a little less money, your baby won't be as comfy, and you'll end up having to buy a booster seat to boot.

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