Friday, September 24, 2010

What To Expect When Infant Potty Training Your 3-6 Month Old

In our continuing series, shamelessly ripped off from the What To Expect When You're Expecting book series, we're going to talk today about What to Expect when Infant Potty Training your 3-6 month old. Each stage becomes easier in some ways, and more challenging in others.


3-6 months is a great age. You're finally getting on a semi-regular sleep schedule. You're somewhat out of the "newborn fog". You know your baby a lot better, and you're learning his signals.

Useful Tools For This Age

Now that your baby is heavier, you might want to start switching to the toilet or the potty, instead of the sink. Again, the BabyBjorn Little Potty is your friend.

You'll start to get out more, and this means you'll want to figure out a way to potty your baby outside of your home. If you're outside, you can just let them go on the grass or on a bush. If you're in the car, I highly recommend using a Fisher-Price Potty on the Go. Unfortunately, it appears that these are really hard to find. Even Amazon doesn't have them. It appears that the next best thing would be this:

The best thing about an on the go potty is that you can let your baby go when he needs to. You don't have to search frantically for a clean bathroom for your perfect little baby. Your baby's potty environment can be as clean as you deem necessary. Let's face it, public bathrooms are the last place you want to take your infant. The on the go potty solves that problem.

While we're on the subject, let's talk some more about pottying while out and about. You'll find yourself wondering if you should bother. I think you should, but I'll leave that up to you. It's better to be consistent with IPT, although that doesn't mean you can't just do it only at home. But I'm willing to bet that once you see that your baby can go on the potty, you'll get uncomfortable with the idea of her messing all over herself.


This age presents some new challenges. When a baby is a newborn, you're basically always holding them, so it's easy to see their signs and otherwise pay attention to them. But as they grow, you'll start putting them down more. You might start to realize that you're tuning your baby out sometimes, and that's when misses happen. Don't worry and get frustrated. Instead, be proactive. Figure out when the misses happen. It's usually around meal times, or when you're otherwise engaged. Look for solutions. Could dad take over IPT duty while you're getting supper on the table? Or, try taking your baby potty right before you start doing something involved, even if she's not showing signals of needing to go.


If you've been doing IPT since birth, you'll find that your baby is actually getting really consistent with using the potty and has learned to "hold it" somewhat. You'll notice fewer and fewer accidents. You'll notice your baby now knows what the potty is for, and will generally go a lot quicker than she did in the beginning. More than likely, you'll be pretty much in tune with each other. You'll know the times of day she usually needs to go, how soon after a feeding, and her other signals.


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  2. Thanks so much for the compliment! I'd say my first child was "done" potty training at about 16 months. That was the point at which accidents became really rare. It really depends on your definition of "potty trained". From a few months old though, he was using the potty instead of his diaper the majority of the time. He's now 4.

    My daughter is now 19 months, and she's done even better than my son did. By the time she was about 5 months, accidents started being rare. She still occasionally has a pee accident, which usually coincides with teething. One thing we did differently with her that I think really helped is that we used cloth diapers and then quickly moved to cloth trainers and then regular little girl undies by the time she was a few months old. I think that helped her with awareness, whereas with my son, we kept using trainers until he was about 1 1/2. Hope that helps! My son was not good about peeing outside either, but my daughter loves it! The potty on the go is so handy.