Monday, April 25, 2011

Infant Potty Training At Age 2

Infant potty training is such a neat adventure. But when you're first starting out, you might wonder just how good your kid will be at going to the potty by a certain age. Well, my daughter just turned two years old. She can now tell me clearly when she needs to go potty. She can also undress, climb up onto the toilet, and go all by herself. The only thing she really still needs help with is the wiping part.

The only time we have any type of "regression" is when she starts teething. During the teething time, you can expect to have a few accidents. That's life. Don't panic and think that Infant Potty Training was a bad idea, or that the regression is permanent. Usually it lasts a day or two and then you're right back on track. I promise.

The Fisher-Price Potty On-the-Go comes in so so handy right now at this age. We've been working on our new farm a lot lately, and it's so convenient to have a portable bathroom available for the kids to use. Our girl also enjoys using her Little Potty. It's so easy for her to use, and it comes in quite handy when other people are using the toilets in the house. She also loves her Sesame Street padded toilet seat insert. You can tell she's so proud of herself when she climbs up on the toilet without any assistance.

At this point, I'd say my girl is a graduate of Infant Potty Training. She was very close at 18 months, and even before that, at a year accidents were rare. But now that she's so independent, I think she's trained.


  1. Wow - trained at 18 months. Our daughter is 2 and a half and only starting to show an interest in the whole "toileting" issue. Fingers crossed we can accomplish this sooner rather than later...

  2. Maggie,
    I'd encourage you to go ahead and start toilet training today! As this thought among child experts has gained a foothold, that kids must first show "signs of readiness" before starting toilet training, the age that kids has gotten later and later, until some kids are entering kindergarten without being toilet trained. Toilet training certainly doesn't have to be traumatic for a kid, and it can be quite fun. I think the trauma might happen in fact because as a society we've started to potty train so late.