Saturday, October 29, 2011

Infant Potty Training Is Fun

One of the huge bonuses you get from practicing Infant Potty Training is the fun you'll have with your baby! Infants are by and large exhausting little bundles of joy, but there's something that's just so entertaining about a baby who poops on the toilet.

The typical baby poops between 8 and 10 times a day. If parents do the traditional diaper thing, more than likely they will argue with each other about whose turn it is to change the poopy mess. The occasion is rarely, if ever, met with enthusiasm or joy.

Compare that to a baby who signals his need for the toilet, and then poops on the toilet. I tell ya, it is a JOYFUL experience, each and every time it happens. Even after all my experience, I am always amazed when it happens. There's just something so fun about seeing a baby who seems tiny and helpless in so many ways take control over his body.

Babies also make some hilarious faces and sounds when they're going poop. If your baby is in diapers and making these faces and noises, they might seem funny, but there's also a sense of dread at what lies ahead. However, when your baby is doing it on the toilet, it's just good clean fun. Well, kinda. :)

To me, it's also a lot of fun to save money. And if you do Infant Potty Training, you're going to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So, come on, try it! It is fun.


  1. Can't wait to try it with this next baby!

  2. Explosive poops that squirts out of the diaper and onto the back is definitely dreadful to clean...that's my experience w/ my 1st. But now that i'm EC'ng my 2nd bundle of joy...all it takes to clean him after he poops is a wipe (using regular toilet paper) that is fun! I also get amazed at how much he poops for someone so tiny and seems to eat so little. What is even more amazing is when i am
    unable to get up right away in the middle of the
    night and he wets himself...he will cry louder then i will take him to the toilet and he will continue peeing. Imagine that! He can stop himself from peeing when he feels he's wet and then continue when he knows he's where he should pee.

  3. It really is amazing. What's really hilarious is reading the parenting books that tell you kids can't control their bladders and bowels until they're 2 or 3 or so....

  4. Hi
    I stared potty training my 1st at 5.5 months when she could sit up and had great success. With my 2nd , who is 4 months old now , I decided to try from 2 wks old. Afro those 1st 6 weeks , her signals were obvious to me. But as soon as she started " talking " I lost the signals. I tried looking for the physical ones while nappy free before the actual act ( I tend to feed her while sitting on her potty bowl, and in early morning I almost always get her 1st poos as soon as I put her on her bowl) but since 9 wks we have been struggling. We have good / bad days and I just anticipate her need to go , which doesn't always work in fact I will take her to sit on the potty for many minutes making my trigger noises and she will do nothing , but as soon as I put her back down, within 1 minute , she pees... Very frustrating. In the last few days she is really pushing off the toilet when we go and I don't want to push her too much. I really want to continue , as 1 less nappy to wash is worth it ! I haven't actually read any EC books , just going in websites and advice. I feel the need for some guidance / reassurance if anyone wants to give it !
    She is sitting up supported now and I will introduce the Porta potty like I did with my other daughter , soon. Maybe that will help.
    Thanks for listening.

  5. Hi Nicole! Thanks for visiting the blog. Here are some things to try. First, be sure that you are relaxed. Everybody has these little hiccups along the way, and what I found was that if I started to get stressed, baby would get stressed, we had more misses/fussing on the potty, and it was just this vicious cycle. With my son, I took a break for about a day, and it made a world of difference. Changing the potty can definitely help. Sometimes, for whatever reason, babies feel comfortable going in a certain position or on a certain potty. Definitely try mixing it up some. Please feel encouraged, because everybody goes through this. Remember also that teething and other milestones can cause baby to fuss/change signals. Some other suggestions I have are to make it fun for your baby. My babies always loved reading a story, playing with a toy, and looking in the mirror. You have to strike a balance, of course, between making it clear it's potty time, not play time, and not making it too boring for baby. Sometimes singing helps too. Oh also! With my son especially, the trick that worked for me was if he was fussing, I would simply look away (while making sure he was stable, of course.) I don't know if I relaxed and he felt that, or if he relaxed because he felt less pressure to perform. Either way, it worked! Please let me know if you have more questions, and I'll definitely let you know what my experience has been.