Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Infant Potty Training: Our Progress at 2 Weeks Old

Our son was born in late July, and we started infant potty training as soon as we got home from the hospital, when he was 1 day old. It's been neat to get started with IPT again. My husband and I take turns taking our son to the potty. I'm amazed at the progress we've made at only 2 weeks old.

What the baby is wearing:

We have been using disposables these first few weeks. We have cloth diapers that we will use more as he gets older. Disposables are nice for the first weeks for several reasons: I'm healing from delivery, my baby is healing from the circumcision and his umbilical cord stump had to heal also. Plus, my baby is still a little bit small for the cloth diapers we have, and they still leak somewhat. Also, at this point getting as much sleep as possible is very important, so disposables at night help with that. We are beginning to transition into cloth. We do use the cheapest disposables we can find, because they feel wet when the baby pees. We still want him to get the connection between going pee, and feeling wet.

What his schedule has been/some cues we have seen:

We have found that when our baby starts grunting when he's waking up, he needs to go potty. When he's been happy and then all of a sudden gets fussy, that's another sign he needs to go. When he's acting like he wants to nurse, but won't latch on, or if he is constantly popping off and on the breast, that's a sure sign he needs to go. 

Current Potty Place/Cuing:

Right now we use a sink, and we hold him in the classic hold. (see photo of this hold here: Classic Hold) We could certainly be using a little potty, but we find the sink to be most convenient. When we take him, we hold him over the sink, and then start talking to him. We make the ssss sound for pee, and a grunting noise for poop. At this point, the sss sound seems to be the most effective. We have also noticed that he appears to already understand the phrase "Are you all done?" Many times when he's been at the sink for a minute or two, but hasn't gone, we will ask him if he's done, and then he goes into the action. Right now he generally lets us know he's all done by starting to fuss. He seems to love being held in that position. 

Our Success So Far:

At this point, about 95% of the poop goes into the potty. This has been what we have seen with our other kids: within a couple of weeks, poop misses are very rare. Pee misses are a different story. We still have a lot of pee misses every day. This is normal, especially considering how often babies this young nurse. 

So there you have it: a look at IPT at 2 weeks. 


  1. Thank you for this! I am due in November and have read a bunch of books but never met anyone who actually started from birth. My biggest question is did the circumcision of your son affect his being able to use the sink when you brought him there? How do you hold a boy from spraying everywhere? (I have only done ipt on my daughter and am nervous about having a son!!!). Thanks again for your time to posting this!! It really is encouraging for us!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for the great question! Circumcision had no adverse affect on using the sink. In fact, it actually seemed easier after he was circumcised. (He was 8 days old when he was circumcised, so I got to compare uncircumcised to circumcised this go around.) Excellent question about how to keep them from spraying everywhere. What I found was the easiest was to try to aim them so that if the pee goes upward, it will hit the faucet and go back into the sink. Also, if you kind of lean them forward, that helps a lot. (It goes without saying to make sure you have a good firm grip on him so that he doesn't go falling forward.) It basically just takes some practice. Just have a cloth diaper or towel nearby to clean up any spray. (: And hey, congratulations on your upcoming baby!

  2. Thank you so much for your encouraging reply!!!