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You can potty train your baby, from the day she's born. Impossible, you say? Most women around the world potty train their infants. After learning about Infant Potty Training, IPT for short (also called Elimination Communication), I decided to try it. I was looking to save on diapers and this seemed like a great way. There are other online resources about IPT, but they tend to be crunchy, while I'm more mainstream. In my experiences I have learned what works and some products that are must haves!

IPT is an amazing thing. Not only has it saved me loads of money and loads of laundry, it's taught me how smart babies are, and how they can communicate so much more than we realize. I hope I can show anyone who's interested in IPT how to do it. I've experienced IPT from start to finish with one baby, and we're having tremendous success with our second.

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